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Friday, April 5, 2013


It's funny how your perspective and reactions can change once you become a parent.

Before parenthood, a crying baby in a quiet place could be as annoying as an alarm clock that is unable shut off.  You cringe and mumble under your breath and want nothing more than to muzzle that thing!  You're not a baby hater, just a lover of peace and quiet, thank you! 

A friend visits with her toddler and the child makes a spill on your clean rug.  REALLY? 

There is no place in you that relates and you're therefore unable to sympathize with the situation or the parent involved.  You may even verbalize your irritation or disgust. 

But, then you enter parenthood, yourself.  Now, suddenly you're on the other side of the coin.  You take your little bundle of joy to its first public outing and he's inconsolable.  You look around and see judgmental eyes.  Those that, like you once, don't understand, don't relate and therefore show no grace or mercy.

But, if you look around a little more you'll see others.  Others with a sympathetic smile.  They know exactly where you're at and realize that the last thing you need is guilt.  They've been there.  They are moms and dads ,themselves. They are grandparents.  They are those who have raised or cared for children themselves and have walked this road.  You don't have to explain yourself.  They already know and they are already on your side.  Some may even approach you with a comforting comment like "I remember those days..." (As if to say, 'you're not alone and I understand'.)  They bear with you in love.  They bear with you, partly, because they remember that they were once in your shoes and needing the same grace, the same mercy.

Those who have been Forgiven much
(and remember how much they've been forgiven)
 are the ones that Love much. 
They are the ones that refuse to point fingers, refuse to judge,
refuse to condemn, and refuse to play the critic.
They are the ones whose words are gracious
and whose hands are more than ready to help. 
They are quick to forgive, refuse to hold grudges,
and bear with others in love.

They are the ones that never forget
how much they've been Forgiven! 


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