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Monday, January 14, 2013

My Survival Plan

Many of us have a go-to plan when it comes to dieting: South Beach, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Liquid, No Fat, No Sugar, Salad Only, Heck-let's-not-eat-anything Diet. Picking one, we succeed/lose and ride the wave of victory. But, then soon after, we often fall flat on our face in failure. Determined to try again, we pick up another (or maybe the exact same or a variation of the same) diet plan, with much of the same results.

Many of us have been there!  And, many of us carry this concept into the other areas of our lives. We pick up different 'life plans' (how we are going to get through). Like...

The 'Parent Plan' -- lean on mom and/or dad for as long as you can - even well into your adulthood. 
The 'Man Plan' -- always have a man (or woman) in your life for your security and provision.
The 'Me Plan' -- the 'forget-it-I'll-do-it-myself' plan. You abandon all life-lines and go solo.  Every man for himself.
The (you fill in the blank) Plan -- ___________

We may stick to one plan or juggle a few at a time even - whatever keeps us afloat. 

But, these kinds of human plans are vulnerable - like a tug boat out on the sea. We may lie to ourselves and say, "I'm safe here. I feel in control, so I must be at least semi-safe." But, when the storms come, we suddenly get ourselves a good shot of reality. Our measly plans have no anchor on them and suddenly we are consumed by the waves. 

But, the storm may be the very thing that gets us looking to the Only Plan. As we lie shipwrecked, wet and cold, Reason and Wisdom may begin to enter our heart. We look at our pathetic lives that have washed up on the shore and say, "I need a PLAN. And, not, just a survival plan anymore. I need a plan that's bigger than me. A plan that's not just going to keep me from drowning. I need a plan that's going to take me somewhere and help me make something of my life!

It's then, when we have nothing else to lose, that we look up and see God holding our entire lives in His Hands and saying, "Come. Let's make something of this life together!"

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