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Friday, January 11, 2013

I'm Holding You To It

My kids are quick to remind me.

"But, YOU promised!" they would proclaim, if I failed to follow through with something I promised them I'd do.

They're no dummies.  They know how important promises are.  They know the guarantee behind my words and they have learned that I don't (as much in my human power!) lie to them. So, if I promise something, they know they can trust it.  They can even hold me to it.  And, believe me, they aren't afraid to say my words back to me!

In the same way, we can 'remind' God what He has said and the promises He has made. 

God is not going to be offended if we get in face and say, "But, YOU promised!"  In fact, I believe He wants us to get in face about His Promises.  I think He loves when we spit His words back at Him and hold Him to everything He has said.  I think He grins ear to ear when we boldly 'remind' Him, because in essence what we are doing is showing Him how confident we are with who He is and how convinced we are that He does not play games with our hearts or lie to His people. 

So --

anything you want to remind God of today? :)

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