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Sunday, January 20, 2013

If God Had A Facebook Page...

  • He would send Friend Requests to everyone in the entire world!
  • His wall would be filled with pictures of you --  shots of how He sees you and how amazing you are to Him.
  • He may run the risk of being the crazy-for-His-kids kind of parent who posts every little step of growth and progress in His kids' life. 
  • He'd never stop posting. 
  • His status would be 'single' -- the hopeless Romantic Bachelor looking to win the heart of His Bride.
  • There would be no pretense.
  • He'd always be very interested in what you'd have to say. 
  • He would respond to what you posted -- laugh, 'like', and speak His Opinion.
  • He would send out special invites to join Him in some personal time (He would hope you would accept! :)
  • He would never delete you as a Friend.
  • He would never publicly embarrass you.  He would be sure to 'message' you if He had more personal matters to talk to you about.
  • His posts would never ring with negativity. 
  • He'd be the funniest person on Facebook!
  • He'd use His page only for Good, not evil.
  • He'd hope you would accept His Friend Request -- forever!

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