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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fear's fear.

"Don't look."  I'd tell myself as I hid under my blanket.  "It's safer under here than out there."

The dark can bring out the worst of our fears.  A child's imagination can make something out nothing.  "What's that sound?"  "What's that shadow in the corner?"  Nothing feels safe.  Nothing is what it seems.  All is unsure and you are left feeling stuck and paralyzed. 

Fear does that.  Our tricky enemy.  Making something out of nothing.  Making small things look big.  It smiles as it lies to us.  It wants nothing more than for you to stay mesmerized, terrified, and paralyzed. 

But what does fear, fear?

The Light.
The Truth.

It calls to us like the gentle voice of daddy saying, "Come, little one.  There is nothing to fear.  As my light shines in, you will know I am near.  Don't be misled and don't be afraid.  Your enemy has lied to you but now is the day... for you to step into the Light."


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