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Monday, August 6, 2012

Tell Me Whatcha Need, whatcha really really need

In high school and college I used to waitress.  My job, of course, was to listen to each person's request and get them what they needed. 

On occasion, I would have a customer that would come in and say, "You know what I want.  I'll take that."  To which I would say, "I do?  Well, remind me then."  We would laugh and I'd wait for him to verbally confirm his need.  It was an important step in the process of getting him fed.  I knew better to assume anything or put words in his mouth. 

Most of us understand that we can't expect our waiters to guess our orders.  And, as we have need throughout our meal, we know that, though the server will eventually come by to check on us, it's completely acceptable to raise our hand and call our need to attention.  Our waiters are there to willingly serve, but they aren't mind-readers.  If they don't hear what we need, how can they help us?

The same is true for our heart needs.  How can we expect to find the help we are looking for if we never verbalize our needs?  How will anyone know what we are thinking if we close ourselves up in a corner?

We can't expect others to read our minds; our spouses to pick up on, what we think are, 'obvious' signs; or be frustrated with God that He's not responding-- even though we have yet to reach out and ask Him to help. 

Make your request known.

Be kind to yourself and fair to others -- don't expect them to guess your order. 
And, cry out to God.  He will surely respond to you.

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