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Thursday, August 9, 2012

No Regrets

A couple years ago, we bought a beautiful yellow Labrador Retriever.
It was love at first sight!  My husband, myself and the kids were tickled pink to adopt this new addition into our family.  We paid the price and he was all ours. 

Little did we know what was ahead.
Soon after we bought him, he fell very ill to pneumonia.  The first vet to see his X-rays gave us 'the talk'.  She was not very confident in his healing and prepared our hearts for the worst.  When we took him in to see the hospital specialist, they began intense treatment with him.  Months and months passed.  And, slowly but surely, progress was being made. 

Our boy made it.  He was out of the woods. 

But then the multiple ear infections started.
Then the eye infection. 
  • Then the complications and infection with his neutering
  • Then the strange cyst that developed on his leg. 
  • Then the poisonous reaction to his flea & tick formula-- that landed him right back at the over-night hospital and resulted in a nasty skin rash that turned into bloody blotches all over his body.
  • Then the strange seizures that would occur periodically.

This dog has been nothing but issues!  He's been a mess!  But, ya know what?  We never saw him as a headache.  We were on his side and fought for him and with him to overcome each hurdle.  Were we only to love him if he was problem free?  No. We knew when we adopted him that it was for better or worst.  And, in spite of all his complications, He has been the most amazing companion to us and has brought much joy and laughter to our home.  Do we regret adopting him?  No, not one bit!


God has adopted us. He has called us His own.

But, many of us feel like the 'problem dog' with Him. We know we're a mess. We've got issues piled upon issues.

But, don't you think God knew that when He signed the adoption papers? Do you think He adopted us blindly? No! In fact, it was because of His Great Compassion that He saw us, came to us, picked us up and boldly and proudly proclaimed to everyone around, "I'll take THIS one!!" He wanted us -- issues and all! And He was prepared to stick it out with us.

Does He ever regret it?


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