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Friday, July 28, 2017

First Thought, First Commandment

I love when I wake up in the morning and my first thought of the day is Him. It's like God gets Himself first in line for my attention, as if He's been waiting outside the door all night like we do at stores on Black Friday to be the first to catch the great deals. He's like a little kid excited to get the day started with me to start loving on me, showing me more about Himself, and working through me to love on the world. One thing I know - I never wake up to find Him frowning on me or with crossed arms and a tapping foot hoping that today, just maybe today, I'll pull my act together. My goodness, no. If I ever do wake up with those thoughts, I can be sure that those are not His thoughts toward me.

As I opened my eyes this morning, He reminded me of the most important Commandment.

"You must love the Lord your God with all your heart,
all your soul, and all your mind.
This is the first and greatest commandment. " Matthew 22:37 NLT

He reminded me again that there is no pressure in my relationship with Him. What He is looking for from me today is the same thing He's always been looking for - my attention (my mind), my affection (my soul), and my whole heart. He is a Daddy, not a drill sergeant who's looking for me to follow a whole bunch of rules. Similar to how I felt when my children were first born. I didn't look at them and think, "Well, I hope this kid lives up to my standards." Of course not. What I was thinking was, "Wow, how beautiful. I can't believe she's mine. All I want for her is the very best and that she will love me and love others." I suppose that might actually be the very thoughts God has when He sees me.

He reminded me too, that He has cleared a path for us to Himself. Because Jesus died for our sins, we don't have to hurdle over anything to get to our Father. We have a straight shot to the throne room. There are no obstacles between us and our Daddy's lap. We can run up to Him anytime, anywhere. He loves us so much and His goal is for us to realize that we not only must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind... but we can and we get to, love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. What freedom and joy we have when we realize that! We have free and unlimited access to the Father. We can talk to Him, love on Him, include Him in everyday affairs. We can laugh with Him, cry with Him, and be absolutely 100% ourselves with Him. It's easy to follow the First Commandment when we realize we have the freedom to.

Bottom line, God didn't make a way for us to have relationship with Him only to make it difficult for us to love Him. EASY ACCESS is His motto. And that's a great first thought to have each morning.

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