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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Lover

A man went out and built an elaborate home for his future wife.  Many years and much sweat went into building this gorgeous home and landscape. But the man did not mind pouring his whole self into it.  His wife was worth it all to him. 
When the man married his bride-to-be, he took her to the secret place that he had prepared for her. No one in all the world had seen it yet.  She was the first to lay eyes on this magnificent home. 
He walked her through the gardens. He held her hand along the beautiful streams. 
He took her inside the mansion and showed her the beautiful paintings he had made just for her and displayed them along the walls of every hallway.  
He took her into the gigantic library where treasures of unknown things were safely kept. 
Then he showed her their intimate chambers -- the bedroom decorated in fine red silk and exotic flowers.  The smell of perfume filled the air along with music so beautiful that no ear had ever heard it yet and its sound seemed almost tangible. 
The wife was speechless -- stunned by its magnificent beauty. 
"How amazing you are," she said, trying to take it all in.  "How....why....All this for us to dwell in..." she stuttered. 
Then the husband bent down on one knee. He looked into his beloved's eyes and said, "All of this is for you, my love.  But, one thing you must know.  Though this home is beautiful and I have poured myself into it, it means nothing to me at all without you in it. It is not the house that matters to me.  What matters to me is you."

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