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Friday, May 2, 2014

Coffee, Showers, and His Presence

There are certain things in my day that I know I can freely access.

"The Nectar of Life" my husband's family calls it. I know I can take my coffee cup to the coffee maker every morning, press the button, and access it. 

Is there anything better than a warm shower -- especially when you really need one? I know I can turn the knobs and have a flow of warm H2O when I need it.

Both of these things pour out for me when I want them and need them. I access them daily. I reach for them and they are there.

It's a picture to me of the Love of God. I awake each morning and turn to Him. I'm reminded that He's still with me. I'm reminded that He never left. Even through the darkest part of the night, He remained by my side. I'm reminded that He is accessible. I don't have to physically go somewhere special to encounter Him. He is there. In fact, He is in me.  

And so I take my 'cup' and let His 'Nectar of Life' fill my emptiness. I reach for the 'knobs' and let His Water flow over me. I'm reminded again of this simple fact: He will never leave me. He will never forsake me. His Love goes on and on for me. His Love will never walk out. His Love will never dry up. His Love is purposeful over me. His Love remains.

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