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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hush a minute, will ya?

We, ladies, can be so funny. You get us together in a group and we can become the chatty Cathy's. (Finally, an outlet to express ourselves!) The one problem we have, though, is knowing how to take turns in the conversation.  It may start out with one person talking.  But all of us are so eager to express ourselves that sometimes we don't let the other person finish before we jump in with our thoughts. We begin speaking over them.  Our voices start to layer on top of each other until suddenly it's no longer a back and forth conversation. All we are really doing at this point is talking to ourselves!  No one is really listening to each other attentively.  No one is really catching the fullness of each person's thoughts.  

Many of us might be good at talking to God. We have lots to say. But just like the chatty Cathy's, we hardly give God an inch of freedom to speak His mind without talking over Him. Even when we ask questions, we hardly pause to wait quietly for a response.  We think we are having a conversation, but really the communication is only going one way.  

Though I think it is very important for us to be ourselves and be free to express ourselves with God, we must be aware that there is another Person in the conversation.  If we are going to hear what He has to say, we must give him the quiet space and the time to do so.  We must hush and be attentive. 

The word "listen" is used many times throughout the Bible.  It reminds me of what I say to my children sometimes when they are speaking over me and not even taking a breath to give me a chance to insert a single word.  I'll say, "Will you hush a minute and listen to me?"

Do I care about what they are saying?  Of course.  But there are things that I know they need to hear.  Words of wisdom.  Words of correction.  Words of insight and direction.  And the only way they are going to receive it is if they quiet themselves and pay attention to what I'm saying. 

Are you giving God the space to speak in your life? Are you giving Him freedom to talk just as He is giving you freedom to talk?  Remember, His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.  If He has something to say, we know that we will only benefit from it.  He's simply just looking for your attentive ear. 

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