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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Friends

Peace and Comfort hold my hands while
Hope lifts my head.
Then with moves like Travolta, Joy sweeps me onto the dance floor for another.
I forget why I was ever sad. 

Trust helps me when I don't understand. 
Faith gives me wings so I can fly. 
Both make a path for Grace to come.
All three together set me soaring to places I never knew existed. 

Forgiveness reminds me that that was once me.
She tells me again that she is to be passed along.
I don't know it, but she is really doing me a huge favor. 

Mercy hands me lotion and makes me even more tender.
Her Kindness comes through like a fragrance
and all I touch feel her Compassion

Patience teaches me to wait with a smile.  
She knows Who's really in charge here.

Perseverance gives me binoculars -- always calling to mind the Sweet Ending that awaits.  Faithfulness cheers me on, too. "Don't give up!" they sing in harmony over me. 

And Love reminds me that I am rooted.  Who can separate us?  
I am absolutely secure. 
He wraps His Arms around me and my other Friends and holds us all together. 
Love, Himself, will take me Home.

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