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Saturday, August 31, 2013

In The Suitcase

What if I said to my children, "This year, I plan to take you to Disney World!"

Then I wait and watch for their reaction and marvel in the moment.  There would be squeals and hugs everywhere.

But, then I drop it on them and say, "Oh, but did I mention that you will need to figure out how we are getting there and how we are ever going to pay for it?"

Stunned, they would go from tears of joy to tears of sorrow and I would suddenly go from Mom-Of-The-Year to Worst-Mom-Of-The-Century!  There would, of course, be no way for them to make it happen on their own.  My plan for them is only exciting when the promise of my provision goes with it.  Otherwise, I'm just being mean and playing games with their hearts.  What kind, loving parent would do that?  I'm not a perfect parent, but I'm certain I would never do that to them.

In the same way, God tells us He's got exciting things for us to do.  "...plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.(Jeremiah. 29:11) He's got good, good stuff for us -- such good stuff that it's beyond our ability to even help Him.  If it's going to come to pass, it's going to be because He makes it happen.  He's the one that's going to have to purchase the 'plane tickets', 'Disney Park tickets' and 'hotel accommodations'.  Heavenly Plans require Heavenly Provision.

So, the question is not whether He has plans.  He does.  And it's not whether He will provide.  He will.  The question is: Will we rest, let go, and trust Him enough to follow through with His Word?  Are you like a skeptical child that hears his parent's promise and then doubts?  Or have you built such a trust with Him that when you hear His Plan, you rejoice because you know it's on His shoulders, not yours, to bring it to pass? 

This may sound funny, but I had a picture in my mind once of Jesus standing outside an airport, near the curb, holding a suitcase.  He was leaning over the curb and looking down the road toward me.  He was waiting for me.  In essence, what He was saying was, "I'm ready to take you places and all that you need has already been packed in the suitcase.  All you have to do is join me."

He's promising us a trip of a lifetime.  Our suitcases are already packed.  Will you take Him up on his offer and fly with Him?

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