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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fisher Boy

The young boy loved fishing with his Father.  It was one of their more enjoyable bonding times together. 
He loved to stand in front of his Dad and work the fishing Net with Him.  He loved pressing himself up against his Father's chest and hearing Him speak gently over him.  Fishing was fun but it was the time spent together that they both loved the most.
The boy knew his Father was a master Fisherman, so he watched everything his Father did very carefully.  He waited on His timing.  He was wise and patient.  He especially remembered what his Father told him once:
"Be careful not to scare the fish.  They will only swim away.  Be gentle.  Do as I do.  Move when I move.  If you do this, we will rescue many."
Then He pointed to the ripples in the river. 
"See the waters?  They are the ripples of Love and Mercy that carry the fish toward Me.  It is My Job to draw them.  When we fill the Net, the fish will be gently placed in My River where they will always be safe."
"Father,"  the boy said,  "can I come to this river and fish alone one day when I am older?"

The Father smiled and said, "I own all the Nets, son, and the Boat is Mine, as well.  No man can fish alone."

The boy looked at the Father and His eyes were full of Love. 

"Father," the boy said quietly, "even if I was able to fish by myself, I would not want to.  You are the reason I want to be here."

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