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Monday, December 17, 2012

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

There is nothing quite as peaceful as a sleeping baby.  I could watch one for hours.  (Actually, with having children of my own, I probably have watched them sleep for hours!) 

What is most amazing to me about it is the fact that though they are the most vulnerable human beings on the planet, they are the ones that often get the best sleep on earth!  When their physical needs are met, many of them have no problem drifting off into a deep slumber -- anywhere and anytime -- even in a noisy restaurant, a room full of screaming children, a home that echoes with phones ringing, TV blasting and dogs barking.  No matter their circumstances, they are able to rest. 

What a beautiful picture for us as adults who probably haven't seen such rest in decades.  And, I don't mean a physical rest.  I mean a 'heart rest' -- without the aid of wine, drugs or food.  A peaceful heart.  So peaceful that, like a baby, no matter where you are -- a stressful work place, a lonely empty home, a place far from home, or anywhere else and in any situation -- you are resting, you are at Peace.

You may say "Nice thought, but impossible, Valerie!"

For some of us, being peaceful would be like a Christmas miracle.  There is just way too much to worry about, way too much violence in the world, way too many reasons to be on edge and live in fear.  You may reason that if you are resting, you're letting down your guard.  You may reason that you have a family to protect now -- the idea of being peaceful was gone the minute your precious child entered the world.

As a parent, I still fight with these feelings.  But, I'm learning that when I choose to worry and stress, I am doing no one any favors.  If anything, I am bringing anxiety into my home and, ironically, doing damage to the place that I most want to protect. 

But, when I REST -- when I choose to rest in God and agree with Him that He is the stronger Parent/Person in any situation, then suddenly the pressure comes off me and onto Him.  I become like the infant who is able to rest, not because it is strong enough to protect itself, but because it has placed all its trust in its parent's hands.


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