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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dear Santa,

A visit to see Santa is no small thing for a child.  Some have their list memorized like they are going to give a speech at the Oscars.  They know what they want and they don't put a cap or limit on their requests. 

I remember hearing about one child who asked for their parent to come home from serving overseas.  And, why not ask?  There's no sign in front of Santa that says,

"Please keep all requests within reason and possibility.  Thank you." 

There are no adults standing by to make sure each child isn't too outlandish with their requests.  Certainly no adult would ever tell a child that something is impossible with Santa -- who would discourage the faith of a child?  So, the children make their lists and in faith ask BIG -- believing they will receive what they ask for!

Us big kids can do the same. 

Our Father loves when we come and 'sit on his lap' -- when we get close and look with wonder at Him.  He loves when we have child-like questions about who He is and want to know more about such a Jolly Happy One.  His heart is thrilled. His Laugh is pure.  His Delight is sincere.  He LOVES it!  And, He wants to hear from us.  He wants to hear it all. 

And how He loves when we bring our requests!  He loves when we begin rattling off our lists!  He's thrilled to hear each one.  He loves the fact that we are letting Him in on our lives and taking Him up on His offer to find all we need in Him.  He loves that we trust Him enough to whisper our secret lists into His attentive ear. 

And, just like Santa, there are no signs posted in front of God to limit what to ask or how big to make it.  I have never read anything in the Bible where God told the person their request was too big for Him. (Though, He did challenge some about their faith!) 

So come!  Make your lists or just spit it out on the spot.  But, come with wonder and faith -- unafraid to ASK!  SEEK! and KNOCK!  We may be surprised at what is given, what we find, and the gifts we open!

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