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Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Confrontation

The Wind and The Waves greeted me this morning.

"See how big I am!" they threatened. "I can take you down with one blow," they said, taunting me like a bully.  They puffed up their chest and stretched themselves high above me to intimidate.

I looked up at them and smiled. 

"Yes," I responded. "You certainly can try to take me down in one blow. But you forget who you're talking to."

"I'm talking to a Frail One." They huffed. 

"Ah, yes...." I said, looking off into the distance. "That is who I used to be...until I met the Great Navigator."

"The Great Navigator?!" they gasped. "We know Him.  He walks upon us. He knows our every move. He has Power to...to silence us!"

"That's right. And He's warned me about you," I said. 

"What has He told you??" they said, quivering. 

"He has told me the Truth."

"No!" they exclaimed. 

"Yes. He said your power is nothing in comparison to Abba's Hand."

The Wind and The Waves shrunk back as I spoke. 

"And He told me that any blow from your breath will only be used as fuel to take me where He wants me to go.

"AND He told me that you look bigger than you actually are. From His perspective, YOU, in fact, are the Frail One and it is I who am the Conqueror. Indeed, MORE than a Conqueror.

"See, the Navigator took me to the top of that Mountain over there," I said, pointing to the highest point." As we looked down, He showed me how contained you are within His Borders. He told me that even though it appears from below that you rule the Sea, you obviously don't. But, you know how to intimidate and have convinced many Sailors that you have the final say in their affairs. Many believe you are actually stronger than Abba. But you and I both know that you have no power than what is given to you from Him."

The Wind and The Waves trembled and pulled away from me. 

"Do not whisper a word of this Truth to anyone!" they begged. "We depend on our intimidation tactics!"

"I can not be silent, oh Wind and Waves!" I responded, as I felt new strength run through my body. "I will tell others and take them to the Great Navigator so they can hear it for themselves! Your lie is exposed. Conquerors will no longer fear as they sail the Waters with the Great Navigator because the Truth will set them free, as well!"

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