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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Unexplainable

True story.

My husband lost his wedding ring a couple summers ago while playing a game of ball in a baseball field.  He and I absolutely knew he was wearing it that day because we both recall him tapping it and playing around with it on a chair that morning. 

We scoured the baseball field looking everywhere.  Our friends looked everywhere.  No ring. 
Soon, it was getting dark and our kids were getting tired.  There was nothing else we could do but go home.  Surprisingly, my husband and I had an unusual peace about the whole thing.  We should have been freaking out, but we weren't.  Instead, we just lifted a prayer to God about it. 

So we left with no ring and figured we'd probably need to go out the next day to start window shopping for a new one.  Unfortunate and sad, but a certain reality.

The next day, we talked some more about our options and after dinner decided to at least go and browse a couple jewelry stores.  Before leaving, my husband ran upstairs to change from his work pants into shorts.  They were shorts that were recently washed and put in his drawer and not the ones he was wearing during the baseball game.  To smooth out his pockets, he pushed his hand into them and made a shocking discovery!  HIS RING!  He stood there confused and speechless as he stared at the ring in his hand. 

Moments later he came downstairs with a dumbfounded look on his face.  With all our reasoning, we tried to figure out how in the world his ring ended up in this pocket?  These weren't the shorts he had on the day he lost the ring.  We knew we didn't come home with the ring.  We knew he definitely had it on the morning he lost it and that he definitely lost it in the field.  How did it end up in his room, in his drawer, and in a different short's pocket??

Unexplainable.  Miraculous.  God is a God of the impossible.


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