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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dead End Ahead

It was a road we had never been down before but we could see through the trees that the place we wanted to be was right in front of us.  Surely, this road would lead us to it.  It seemed sensible, then, to keep driving down it.  But then I looked to my left and saw a sign.


The other two girls in the car looked at me. 

"Dead end?  How could that be?  We can actually see our destination literally in front of us.  This road can't be a dead end." the one girl said to me.

All three of us would not accept it as if somehow the sign was lying to us.  We could have trusted the road marker and turned around, but our denial and curiosity kept us going.  We went a good half mile more when sure enough the road widened into a cul-de-sac.

We sat there dumbfounded.  We had to see it to believe it.  We had to travel to the very end of the road to accept that it really would come to an end.

Sometimes in life we are on a course that God, Himself, will put us on.  For a season, He may let us journey awhile down a road to help us learn things and get to know Him better.  But then maybe, without much warning, He lets us know that this road He has us on is not a long term one.  He didn't make a mistake.  We didn't miss His leading.  The Season has just come to an end and the path is going to be taking a turn in a new direction and even on an entirely new road.  He begins putting up the signs.  "No Outlet"  "Dead End Ahead"  But we may want to disregard these signs.  In our denial, we might say, "Surely, this can't be a dead end.  I can see our destination in front of us!  Don't believe the lies of the Enemy.  In faith we will move forward!"  And God may just let us.  If need be, He will let us travel to the very end so that we can see for ourselves that He posted the sign, not the enemy, and He was not lying to us.
How discouraging this can be for someone so sure of the road he is traveling on!  But there is one thing we can be assured of:  God is a Good Shepherd.  He will not make a mistake in leading you.  What He is after more than anything, though, is your heart.  In our Journey, He may allow us to go down a side street or two simply to capture your heart, retune your focus, infuse you with Wisdom, heal your heart and mind, reveal Himself in a way you have not seen yet, etc.
Be encouraged, friend.  If God is posting "Dead End Signs" in your life it doesn't necessarily mean all is dead.  It may just mean He is moving onto a new road and is asking you to follow Him.

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