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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The View From Daddy's Shoulders

"Pick me up, Daddy," the little boy said as he stretched up high on his tippy toes to see.  It was the boy's first time at a music concert and the family was positioned way back in the field where the crowd was no longer sitting but standing.

"Pick me up," the boy said again, pulling on the pant leg of his father.

"Gladly," the father responded as he swooped down and placed him high up on his shoulders, six and a half feet above the crowd. 

"Oh daddy!" the boy squealed as he took in the view and beheld his new perspective.  "I can see what you're seeing now, Daddy!  Look at the lights, all the colors, the people!  Oh daddy!"

The boy watched the entire concert from his new seat.  What a thrilling experience for him! When it was time to go, the father brought his son close and whispered, "Remember son, even if you're the smallest person in this world, you will always have the best view of things when you let me hold you.  Tonight you saw things better than the tallest person in the crowd."

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