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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

An Order of God with a Side of Fries, Please

Back when I used to do some waitressing, there were items on the menu that we considered 'complete'.  Complete dishes were different than the other menu items you could select.  Complete dishes were a stand-alone dish.  When you ordered them, it did not come with anything else like a side of vegetables or french fries that would round off your meal.  The dish was complete in and of itself and nothing needed to be added to satisfy your hunger or your taste buds.  It was enough.

There are days we can feel so restless that we might be tempted to reach for other things besides God or in addition to God.  Maybe the worry is too real.  The fear is too paralyzing.  The self-condemnation is relentless and refuses to release its claws.  We may pray, "God help me" but we are simultaneously reaching for other things to help us as well like maybe alcohol or self-reliance...(whatever your go-to aids might be).  We are calling on an order of God with a 'side of fries'.

But, God is a COMPLETE dish.  No side dishes are needed when we feast on His Goodness and Faithfulness. Nothing needs to be added to our plates when we have God.  He alone can satisfy.  He alone can ease our fears.  He alone can blow away the loneliness.  He alone is truly enough.

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