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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Combination

It takes all three to unlock it and gain full access to what's inside. 

My locker combination that is.  Three numbers.  Exact numbers.  Only those numbers will make it open to me.  I could try to convince myself that it doesn't take those three numbers.  I could fully convince others that it doesn't take all three numbers.  But, it doesn't change the reality of it.  If I'm going to get inside, I'm going to need all three.

God is THREE in One.  Father, Son, Holy Spirit. 

Some like the idea of just the Father.  The 'man upstairs'.  The 'big guy in the sky'.  The 'mystery man'.  But, they refuse to accept the Son. 

Some are okay with the idea of the Father and the Son, but they don't want to make it personal with number Three.  They don't know that it's number Three that makes the whole thing come alive in our lives.  It's number Three that lives inside of us.  It's number Three that is our Comforter, Counselor.  It's number Three that takes the Word and brings it into Living color.

The Kingdom of God has a three digit combo lock.  Just as I can't try to get into my locker with just one or two numbers, I can't access the Kingdom of God and all that it has for me if I'm missing one or two digits.

Try it sometime with your own locker.  See how far you get if you try to make up your own numbers.  See if only one or two digits will work. 

God wants to give us unlimited access to the Treasures.  All you need is the right combination.


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