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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It Sounds Like Elton John

We never labor alone.  If you are then stop what you're doing immediately. :)
There are many songs that I can listen to and know immediately who had a hand in writing them.  There's a musical fingerprint that is unique to those songwriters.  Elton John, for example.  I can listen to a song of his for the first time and say to the person next to me, "It sounds like Elton John."  There are intervals and chord progressions that He favors.  There are nuances I can't even completely explain.  I just know it's his. 
In the same way, the 'songs' we sing in life should sound like Jesus had a hand in writing them.  It's the Song of the Kingdom.  The unique fingerprint of the Spirit of God.  Those who hear our Song for the first time should be able to say immediately, "It sounds like Jesus".
Assess your 'Songs' in life.
  • Is the Kingdom Melody running through them? The Glorious Love Melody of the Father?

  • Are your Lyrics based on your wisdom or His? 
  • The plans you put into action - - are they carried along by His 'chord progressions'
  • If someone were to meet you for the first time, would they be able to hear the 'nuances' that are unique to God?  Even if they can't explain it, they recognize the beat and rhythm that can only be found in Heaven.
The best 'Songs' I've ever sung in life have always had His Name written on the copyright.  If I try to write the song myself, it is guaranteed to flop.  I know it will never amount to much.  But, when I invite Him in and say, "Let me co-labor with you as you sing Your Song," I know for sure that our song is going to hit #1 on the charts!

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