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Monday, September 30, 2013

Ugh. Monday.

GRR.  It's Monday.  We hit the snooze.  We roll over.  We groan.  "Do I have to get up?" we say to ourselves.  "Only headaches await me."  It's all about survival from here to Friday.

I'd like to have some fun and think about what the beginning of the Book of Genesis would look like if God started off the First Week with our modern day attitude?


"In the beginning, God groaned.  "Must I begin this DAY?" The Father says to the Holy Spirit. 
"Ugh."  Jesus chimes in. "This is going to be one heck of a Week ahead.  I already feel my stress levels rising.  Angel!  I need more coffee over here!"
"I'm so anxious." the Holy Spirit says in a faint voice.  "I mean, what if this whole 'making the world thing' completely flops??  I'm scared to even face what's ahead."
"How do you think I feel?" Jesus snaps. 
"Well, how do you think I feel?" the Father says grumpily.  "Ya know what, maybe this Week isn't even worth the effort.  Let's just can this idea."
And so no Light was created, no world was formed and you and I were never made all because God had a lousy attitude at the start of His Week.
Phew.  Good thing that never happened.  Good thing God has a much better perspective on Life and the Beginning.  Good thing God sees great potential in the Beginning of Things.  Good thing God has a handle on the fact that Great things have to start somewhere -- at the beginning of a work week.  Good thing God takes on Projects with JOY and ENTHUSIASM and OPTIMISM.  Good thing God's not scared to create.  He's not intimidated by challenges.  Good thing LOVE motivates Him to do amazing things and knows that His whole Week is hanging on His very Perspective of it. 
And Good thing God offers us this same Joy, Enthusiasm, Optimism and Fearlessness.  If we grab a hold of it, Mondays could even start becoming our favorite day of the week!

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