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Saturday, September 21, 2013

If It Could Be Measured In Money

When I was younger, I went to Montreal, Canada on a school trip.  It was so neat to cross the border from the US into Canada.  One thing I thought was really cool was being able to trade in my US dollars for Canadian dollars.  They had to translate the value of my dollar for their dollar. 

Can you imagine if we were able to do that with our Kingdom Riches -- if we were able to measure with our money the wealth we have in God?  I think we'd be stunned.  I know I would be.  Those in Christ have access to a spiritual goldmine.  If we really grabbed hold of what Jesus did for us and the riches we have (not just in heaven, but NOW), we'd be floored.

Many of us, though, live in ignorance to this wealth.  We have a huge bank account with our Dad that we can withdrawal from freely, but because we don't know how rich we are, we write very small checks and make very small withdrawals.  We live as poor folk, though in reality, are very rich.

It reminds me of a story about a woman who lived at poverty level for most of her life.  By appearance, she was frail and clearly just scraping by.  When she died and her house was cleaned out, there inside her home was found a fortune of money that had never been touched.  She had been storing it up for years.  The woman had enough to live on and even share with others, but because she chose to never tap into it, she lived as a poor woman -- though in reality was very rich.

Our accounts are filled with "Kingdom Dollars" to spend.  I'll be the first to say that I want to use every cent!  I don't want to die a spiritually poor woman and find out later in eternity that I was sitting on a fortune my whole life but never thrived off of it or shared it with others.

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