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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Uprooting

There was a flower that grew in the middle of a wide open pasture.  It enjoyed the field immensely.  It basked on the sunny days but enjoyed the Spring rain on it as well.  No matter the season, it was a content and joyful flower.

But, one day, the strangest thing happened.  A large bird came down from the sky and without reason or warning, swooped down and snatched the flower right up from its home and carried it away.

How confused and devastated the flower was! At first, it was a startled and scared, but then it became increasingly angry.  Where was this bird taking him??  The flight seemed to last forever.

Without warning again, the bird let go of the flower and let it spiral downward into a small yard.

"Lovely"  the flower thought.  "Now what?  How will I ever get home?  How will I even survive after being so abruptly uprooted!  The flower became very sad as it lay there contemplating its impending doom.  Its petals and its hope began to wilt in the hot noon sun. 

But, then...splash!  Suddenly, the flower was drenched from top to bottom.  A large garden hose, controlled by a large husky man, hovered over it.  The man had seen the flower while watering his lawn.  He took pity and saw that the flower still had life in it.

With a grunt, the man bent down and picked the flower up gently.  After placing it in a small pot, he set it on his window sill where the sun came in brightest.  For a short time, the flower felt comfortable and at rest.  But, soon, the flower grew too big for the small temporary pot it was put in.  The man saw it was time for the plant to move. 

So, the man lifted the pot, shook the flower into his hand and carried it outside.

"You need a more spacious place to bloom, little flower." the man said in a deep voice.  "But, I can not provide such space here." 

And, with that the flower was put into a bigger pot, placed on the back of a truck with other flowers just like it, and hauled away. 

The flower was once again very confused but it had grown to trust the man who cared for it.  The flower knew the man would not have uprooted him without good reason.

The truck carried the flower many miles until finally it came to a stop at a large hospital.  The workers on the truck pulled all the flowers from the truck and began to carry them to the hospital courtyard.  One by one, they were planted in a beautiful and spacious space.  The flower was happy that it was not alone in his new home.  It knew it had been taken to a safe place for it to grow and bloom fully.

The next day, the nurses from the hospital began to wheel patients into the hospital courtyard.  The flower noticed that none of the patients had hair. 

One of the nurses pointed to the beautiful flower garden and said, "These flowers were planted here just for you and the other patients, Lilly."

Lilly smiled and looked right at the flower that had been through so much trauma and confusion of its own.  With a tear in her eye, Lilly said, "Thank you.  Thank you little flower for being here.  You have no idea how much this means."


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