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Thursday, October 11, 2012


"Follow Through!" 

I can still hear my softball coach.  She knew that a good batter doesn't just go after the ball half heartedly.  If you're gonna swing, SWING.  Be all or nothing.  Let the ones that are out-of-reach go by.  But, if you're gonna take a crack at it, then darn it -- swing that bat!  Swing it like you mean it!  And, follow through with the whole swing!

I don't play softball anymore, but I am still remembering that advice in the game of life. 

Don't put a ring on my finger and promise to love me forever, only to decide at the 7th inning stretch that you've got the 7 year itch. 

Don't decide that you want to have a baby without considering all the sacrifices.  Neglected children are often the result of people that only 'half swing' in raising them.

Are you discovering your gifts and the call on your life?  Remember -- Home-runs only happen when players follow through.

Go the distance.  Swing that bat. 
The only thing that you can lose is your regret.


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