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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Now That Sucks

I have a bagless vacuum cleaner that gets more of a workout than an Olympic athlete.  Between kids, our dog, and everyday life, it is relied on daily. 

Every once and awhile, though, I notice it doesn't accomplish its purpose very well.  I spend time vacuuming an entire room and realize that it missed half of what needed to be picked up from the floor. Ugh! 

In my investigation, I realize the problem was that I simply failed to take care of it well enough for it to do its job.  I had forgotten to empty it of its dirt and junk.  Of course it's not going to give me the results it was made to give!

I fail sometimes to do the same thing for myself.  Dirt and junk in the form of burdens pack the inside of me.  Things I sucked up and took into my system even years ago still swirl around my heart and occupy space.  Anxiety clogs my filters.  Other people's dirt have somehow become my own.  And, because of all that crap, I find myself not at my fullest potential, lacking in Joy, mulling through the past dirt and not thriving and enjoying life. 

There's only one thing to do.  Empty out.

Unlike my vacuum, these burdens were never mine to pick up and hold onto.  I was not designed by my Creator to hold onto them.  But, He knew that I would anyway.  So, He tells me...  CAST.  Cast my cares.  THROW OFF all that hinders.  SHAKE OFF the things that are not His Truth.  BE FREE of yesterday's burdens.

And, wow.  Just like my vacuum.  When I dump the junk, I run as I should!


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