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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Half The Bed

Years ago, I attended a conference in a huge stadium.  Thousands of women were there to be inspired and encouraged.  It was neat to be among so many ordinary gals just like myself.

There were several speakers and so much was said that day -- much more than I could even absorb in one sitting.  But, of everything that was spoken, there is one thing that I still remember even today.

One of the speakers was introduced and she began to tell her story about how she was once in such a low place that she didn't even have the motivation to make her bed or the courage to leave her house.  She was in more than just a funk.  She was in need of a rescuing.  I can remember sitting there and being so encouraged as she told her journey out of fear and depression.  It was truly remarkable and something to applaud and thank heaven for.  But, it was not something that happened over night.

In her desperation, she had asked God what she needed to do.  One would think it would need to be a big spiritual move.  But, no, quite the contrary.  God told her to simply make her bed.  But, not her whole bed --just half.  And, so that is where she began.  She got up each day and made just half her bed.  After some time of doing that, she moved into making the entire bed.  And, when she continued to faithful do that, she moved on to another small step until finally she was making not just half her bed, but now cleaning her whole house again -- and in the process, finding her healing and her emotional health.  She continued to take baby steps with God and where did it lead her?  Straight to her destiny of encouraging thousands of others just like her.

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