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Friday, April 20, 2012

Just When I Needed It

Around 11am, Elaine was cleaning her bathroom, not thinking about anything in particular as she went about her chore.  Then, her dear friend Sarah came to her mind.  She smiled at the thought of her and wondered what she was up to today.  She had moved out west with her family and they hadn't been in touch much since the move.  Her thoughts for her turned into prayers for her...

"God, wherever Sarah is right now, be her strength.  Be her protection.  Surround her with your love.  Thank you for always being with her. You always know just what she needs."

Then she went on with her chore and about her day.

The next day, she surprisingly got a call from Sarah.

"How funny you called!  I was just thinking about you yesterday.  How have you been?" Elaine asked.

"You're not going to believe this," Sarah told Elaine. "but, a tornado almost hit our home yesterday.  I was in the front yard with my daughter when we saw it coming.  We ran inside and braced ourselves.  When it was all over, the tornado had come and gone, leaving a trail of destruction, but our house was untouched.  It was a miracle!"

"I'm so glad you're ok." Elaine said.

Then, remembering she had prayed for Sarah yesterday, she asked, "Sarah, what time did this happen yesterday?" 

Sarah paused a moment to think and then said,  "Around 11am."

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