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Friday, April 6, 2012

The Inconvenient Morning

A man was late for work one morning due to circumstances he could not control. His daughter spilled milk on his suit and he was forced to change his clothes. He got in his car and his garage door would not open. When he finally made it out, he hit construction that normally was not there. And, to top it all off, he got a flat tire from some of the construction debris!

The man was extremely frustrated and cursed God as he changed his tire, "God, why do you hate me!? Do you INSIST on making my life miserable!?"

Just then, he looked up and saw the most adorable, yet extremely frightened, kitten dodging cars as he darted across the road.

"Where did you come from, little guy?" the man said as he checked the kitten's tags on his collar and looked in the direction the kitten had come from. 

Grumbling to himself over one more inconvenience, he decided to take the kitten to a rescue shelter and explained to them how he found the animal.  He left his name and phone number as a contact, per their request.

Several days later, the man received a phone call.  It was the owner of the lost kitten. 

The woman, choking back tears, explained that the kitten belonged to her daughter who was extremely ill.  It was her daughter's main source of happiness through a very despairing time.  The woman went on to say that when they lost the kitten, her daughter prayed an earnest prayer that God would bring her kitten home safely.

"Because you were on the side of the road that day -- at that hour, at that very minute, in fact," the woman said, "my daughter's kitten is home safely and her faith in God is strengthened!"

When the man hung up the phone, he wept before God, asking for forgiveness about his attitude that morning.

"I see now, God," the man said, "that all my inconveniences that morning were being worked for the good.  And, in fact were part of something bigger than me -- little did I know!" 

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