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Monday, March 5, 2012

He Does

He does. 
He understands.

No one else can say this.  They weren't there.  They didn't feel what you felt.  They didn't see what you saw.  They didn't feel the blows.  They didn't taste the bitterness. 

But, He did. 

He never left you.  He didn't choose to hit the road in your darkest hour.  He stuck it out.  In fact, He held you through the storm.  He covered you.  He cried with you.  He wiped your tears.  He held your hand while you slept.  He put His arm under yours and lifted you out of bed every morning.  He held you as you limped.  He spoke gently as you wept.  He never grew weary of listening.  His arms never tired from carrying you. 

He never gave up on you.

He never stopped loving you.

He never stopped being a Father to you.

He never abandoned you.

And, He never ever lied, deceived or tricked you.

He can only be Good to you.

And, His Faithful friendship will keep you...

to the end.

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