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Friday, March 23, 2012

Fairy Tale Ending

Everyone loves a good fairy tale ending.

From Disney princess to the action-packed Marvel comics.  We love when the hero wins.  The princess get her prince.  Truth triumphs and evil tastes its own bitterness.

It's what keeps us reading that novel.  It's what keeps us watching that nail-biting film.  We want to believe -- in fact, we already know it in our heart. That no matter what happens -- it's all going to end well.  No matter how many close calls.  No matter how many tear-filled scenes.  A happy ending is guaranteed. 


And, a Happy Ending is guaranteed for us, too! 

We hold on in the midst of crisis.  We trust and believe in the midst of our own nail-biting scenes.  We love and do good in the face of evil.  We hope -- even in the darkest, tear-filled moments.  We wait for the sunrise.  We move forward even when everyone tells us to retreat.  We don't give up.  We don't stop.  We won't.  We just won't. 

We won't!

because we know that no matter what happens -- it's ALL going to end well!
God has promised us a Fairy tale Ending -- with Him!

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