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Monday, January 2, 2012

This Year...

I will focus on the positive not the negative about myself and others.

I will not condemn myself for anything.  I will be honest about my mistakes and simply reach for forgiveness.

I will seek to resolve conflicts with others if it is in my power to do so, and let go when it is not.

I will only require myself to be who I am and not pressure myself to be anything else, less, or more.

I will take a leap of faith in areas I have not been able to trust God in in the past.

I will give myself permission to relax -- both physically, emotionally and mentally.

I will rest instead of control.

I will smile everyday and laugh out loud at least once. 

I will look at food in a healthy way, as a fuel, not a fix - giving my body what it needs, avoid emotional eating, and allow myself to enjoy my meals.

I will listen -- not just hear.

I will walk the dog down new trails, take a new way when I drive to common destinations, and buy myself new clothes.

I will remember that it is no longer last year.  It is a new year.

I will make a new friend.

I will get in touch with an old friend.

I will accept that I am Loved.  Loved by God.  Loved by the people in my life.

I will complement and encourage people -- not just think it, but say it out loud.

I will look in the mirror and thank my Maker for making me.

This year,
 I will be free.

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