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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

After You

It's socially polite, it seems. 

When the buffet of food is spread out and "Come and get it, food's ready!" is announced, we often hesitate.

To jump in first to grab a plate and dig in would seem selfish.  It's not that we don't want to partake, we've just been trained to be considerate.  So, we wait.  We look around at each other.  We hold ourselves back.  We move when we see others move.


Good Things have been spread out for us.  Love.  Healing.  Freedom to come closer.  A gourmet of delights that is all for our enjoyment.  Spread out by a Host that calls us all to the Table to partake.

But, some of us hesitate.  We look around.  We want to move when others move.  We hold ourselves back.  We won't allow ourselves to let go and dig in.

We might have forgotten or maybe we just don't fully understand that this is a Table that we can come running to.  We don't have to be shy.  We don't have to wait.  And, we certainly don't have to be ashamed.  And, even if no one else moves, we can still come running. 

Who knows, it very well could be that our moving toward the Table, will help others move toward it too.

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