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Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Dance

He kneels down, putting His Hand over mine and the Sponge.  I labor in His Kitchen daily.

"Come away, my sweet one," He whispers in my ear, as he lifts me from the Earthly Floor. "Come with me."

His arms enfold me as He sways to the music that only He and I can hear. I feel the rhythm and move in sync with Him. I'm reminded in that moment why I said yes to Him in the first place. I'm reminded again that He remains my First Love.  

He has no agenda. He only wishes to be with me. He reassures me that I don't need to try to entertain Him. My fellowship alone brings Him great Delight and Joy. 

I feel the pressures of life fall lifelessly to the Earthly Floor. I can't remember what I was even worrying about 5 minutes ago. His eyes mesmerize me and all I can think of is Him. 

He slowly turns. We move as one. I realize He's a Hopeless Romantic. There is nothing I can do to ever make Him leave. I'm free to be myself with Him. He is in love with every inch of me. 

Then I remember the Earthly Floor. 

"I must get back to doing," I tell Him.

But without a word He holds me closer and twirls me around to the beauty of the Song. Joy envelopes us as we spin and spin. He holds my head steady as we twirl in waltz time. 

"Where are my enemies?" I think. "Where are my accusers?"

They are silenced. They are terrified. I am hidden in the arms of the Most High. They can not find me. 

"Lord, how I long to stay dancing with you forever, but the Earthly Floor is so demanding."

"Remain in my Love, dear one." He reassured. "Your labors should never separate us.  Our Love is your Fuel. It IS possible to Serve and to Dance at the same time."



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