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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

False Reality

Sometimes our dreams at night can fool us. They can seem so real that we are convinced they are reality.  Vivid nightmares are the worst. I have had such awful nightmares that seem so real that when I woke up I had to actually go and make sure that it really was a dream and was not true (like something bad happening to my children or husband).  The nightmare seemed real, but was not reality.  There is always a huge sense of relief when I realize that what I thought was so real was all false. 

There's a very similar thing that can happen spiritually. True Reality is found in Christ and the kingdom of God. Everything that is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy is found in the reality that Jesus gives us. But sometimes, I can drift off into a 'slumber'. My worry and doubt create a horrible new 'reality' for me that I become fully convinced is true.  It fools me as it sucks me downward and all my fears come to life.  For example, I may start believing that somehow God has left me. God doesn't care. God doesn't even love me. I'm not safe. I'm not really hidden in Him... None of that is true, of course, but my fears make it seem absolute real and true.

But, thank God that He is the lifter of our heads.  Thank God that He is able to shake us and awaken us to Himself again.  And when He does, we realize that everything that we have been experiencing, though it seemed so real, was all a false reality.

My ultimate prayer is that I no longer slumber, but stay 'awake' in his Hands. But if I do drift off into a 'slumber', I pray I will not stay there long. I pray that I will realize, even inside that 'dream state', that I am experiencing a false reality and to quickly come running back to Jesus who provides all clarity and Truth. 

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