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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Yesterday's Coffee

"Bllaahh," I blurted out after spitting the liquid back into the cold mug.  

I looked closer at the mug I was holding and realized it was not today's coffee.  It was yesterday's.  Though it was a great cup of coffee 24 hours ago, it just wasn't the same today-- even if I tried to reheat it.  I quickly looked around for the fresh cup of coffee that I was drinking that morning and took a big gulp. 

"Ahh," I sighed, "nothing like a FRESH cup of coffee."


Some of us want to go back and drink yesterday's Coffee.  We want to re-live the "glory days" of our Christian walk.  We pick up the mug of old coffee and try to revive it or re-create that experience.  We might think to ourselves, "God did this 15 years ago and it was awesome.  How I want to relive that again!"

What we may not realize is that God is a Giver of NEWNESS of life.  He is the God of the Present.  He is the God of the NOW.  He offers us a LIVING relationship with Him and satisfies us in an ongoing way.  He brews a fresh pot every morning for us.  A great big pot of his Mercy and Goodness.  A great big serving of his Revelation and Presence.  Warm cups filled with new Plans for a new Day.  Not that yesterday's coffee was bad.  It served its purpose in our life.  It's just not a fresh serving from the Source for TODAY. 

As you are reaching out to God, are you trying to live in the past with Him, or are you seeking Him with an honest heart for where you are at right now?

He is the Master Brewer.  And if you take a moment, you can smell the aroma of a fresh pot brewing for you at this very minute.

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