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Friday, November 22, 2013

Loosening Your Grasp

I've heard celebrities say it. With so much money at their disposal, some step back and think: "There must be more that I can do with all this money than to spend it on myself."

"I have enough shoes," one celebrity said in an interview once. They had looked down at their hands and had seen their cup overflowing. They knew they needed to loosen their grasp and give.  

Many of us can't relate though because we aren't millionaires... Or can we??

I've yet to read in the Bible that God calls only the rich to give. He doesn't just look at the millionaires to be a vessel for his riches to flow through.  

I think what trips some people up is that they don't think what they are giving will make much impact.  How can their small donation even make a difference?  They reason themselves right out of the whole idea.  

If this is the case, it might be time to take another look at that little boy who gave his lunch. He didn't have much, but what he had, he offered.  His heart was in the right place and Jesus honored it and multiplied it to feed many. (John 6:5-15)

And, remember, giving goes beyond money. Maybe you have a talent, a service. Maybe you have a slew of spiritual gifts God has imparted to you.  Do you think that He has made you rich with these things just for your own delight?  God overflows cups not so that we can be satisfied and then build reservoirs to hold its overflow in for ourselves.  His eye is always on feeding His Sheep. 

You may not see yourself as a millionaire, but God does. Will you let Him feed His people through you?

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