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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Incomplete Measure

An incomplete measure is a musical term that describes a measure in music that does not have all the necessary beats in it.  See, in music, every beat in a given measure must be accounted for in order for it to be considered a valid measure.  If it is supposed to have 4 beats and it only has one, it is then labeled an incomplete measure. 

It's a great way to describe how we can feel sometimes.  We may say to ourselves, "I feel like something is missing, like I'm a single beat in a measure that should hold 4." 

The good news, in music, is that the definition does not end there.  It goes on to say that the answer is on the other side of the song.  All missing beats are found in the last measure. The incomplete measure is completed by another measure that provides the exact amount of beats it's missing.

Feeling like an incomplete measure can remind us that we are not an island and that the Missing Beats in the Melody of our lives are found within the Song.


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